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Hartatik is 23 yr old. Single . She has an Experience in Surabaya (2012 - 2015) as a maid. .Her work is to do housecleaning , washing , cooking simple meals on both places & taking care of 7 yr old. kids She is coming to Singapore for better future.

She is able to work with any employer.

Can speak fair English .

Able to work with No day off

Single (25)
Ref: CLR
Upd on 24-Nov-16

Atih is 31 yr old, widow with a 2 yr old and she is from Cirebon . Atih is on transfer and available immediately . She has experience taking care of kids & is willing to learn to take care of mobile elderly also. Atih knows how to do all housecleaning chores, marketing, cooking simple meals .

Atih previously completed contract with Malay family ,in Singapore 2011-2013 . She did all housecleaning, cooking, take care of 3 kids ,older kids and a 7yr old. In Nov 2015 to Present, till now she has been working with Chinese employer, where her duties were all as above and taking care of 1 yr old.

She can work with any employer , wants 1 off day a month .

Widowed (31)
Ref: Atih
Upd on 21-Nov-16

Rajan is 29 yr old Singgale, She has work experience of 3 yrs in Singapore, mostly her work is to do general house cealning. cooking all kind of indian food, Taking care of 12 yr old kid.

She can cook veg and non- veg indian food.

Able to work with any employer and can speak Punjabi , Hindi excellent. English can read.

Basic salary $500

Want 2 off day .

Single (29)
Ref: Rajan Do...
Upd on 09-Nov-16
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