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Lia is 24 yr old ,single from Indramayu ,she can speak fair English .Able to look after kids above 5yr old. She has experience working in Jakarta 2013-2015 ,as a Housemaid looking after 7 yr old, doing all household chores, washing, ironing,

In Singapore , March 2016 - Present , Working with Chinese employer , in a 3 level house ,doing all housecleaning, simple meal cooking, take care of 2 yr old, take care of cats, other helper only looked after a special child .

Reason for transfer : Lia cant get along with another helper as the older helper always scolded lia.

Lia can work with any employer , is willing to work with no off days and can handle pork

Single (24)
Ref: TRF - Lia
Upd on 25-Oct-16

Kasiyati is 39 yr old married with 2 kids. She Has experince in Singapore as a helepr as per below.

2005-2008 worked with chinese family . Her work is to taking care of kids age 3,3 &1 yr old. She worked in HDB house and other general house work.

2014-2016 worked with Indian Family . Her work is to take care of elderly 83 yr old. cooking simple meals for elderly & general house work.

She can work with any employer . She can speak simple English .

Willing to work with 2 off days .

Able to use H.P after work.

Married (38)
Ref: Arsu-Kas...
Upd on 21-Oct-16

Karmelita is 24 years old, single, from Indramayu. She can speak fair english and good Malay. She can cook simple Indonesian food such as Rendang, soup and Chap Chye. She is able to look after children, baby and mobile elderly.

July 2016 - Present Singapore - Working with Chinese employer as a housemaid where her duties are doing all cooking, all house-cleaning chores and looking after baby from 6 months old to now baby is 10 months old with grandmother. Grandmother is going back to Malaysia and Lita has no confidence to look after the baby herself.

May 2016 - July 2016 - Working with South Indian vegetarian family of 3 adults, 2 kids aged 3 year old and infant. Her duties are doing all housecleaning, washing, prepare in cooking, taking care of baby. Older child keeps hitting and biting Lita. Work load is heavy and child keeps hitting her.

2013 - 2014 - Jakarta - Working with Java family. Her general duties are housework, washing, ironing, cleaning and taking care of children aged 10 and 8.

Lita can work with any employer and is able to handle pork. Can work with no off days.

Single (23)
Ref: TRF KARM...
Upd on 20-Oct-16

Sukhjeet is 28 yr old. Married with 2 kids age 8&4 yr old. She is working in Singapore now from june 2016 - present with Tamil family, 2adults 2 kids age 8& 4 yr old. In HDB 4 rooms . Cooking dosa, pupma , dosa itli, samba, vegetables, general housework. Bring and fetch kids from school.

Reason for transfer - Employer going back to India because employer Employment contract finishing .

She is on transfer.Sukh is a hardworking and pleasant helper , who is able to read English and can speak fair and simple English She is also able to speak Hindi & Punjabi.

Afraid of dogs.

She knows how to do stitching of clothes and simple facial threading. Able to cook Veg & Non Veg.

Basic salary $ 400 with 2 off days, rest 2 off days need need to be reimbursed at $30.Available immediately

Married (28)
Ref: Goldy
Upd on 10-Oct-16

Masnuah is 23yr old, married with 1 child aged 4 yr old . She can speak simple English and speak bahasa . Mas has experience in all housecleaning chores, able to do simple cooking of Indonesian food like Rendang, Soup Chap Chye, Soto Soup etc . She is able to look after kids and mobile elderly,

Mas is on transfer now and available immediately . She can work with any employer and work with no off days and no mobile

2010-2012, Worked in Hometown where she did all housecleaning, cooking, taking care of 4 yr old, ironing,marketing, washing .

Married (23)
Ref: ANW 3895
Upd on 04-Oct-16

Ira is a pleasant soft spoken helper who is 24 yr old,married with 1 child and is from Lampung. She has worked as a housemaid in Jakarta for 1 year & in Singapore for 5 months now with Chinese employer . Ira can speak fair English, and bahasa .Able to take care of kdis and mobile elderly, She is able to handle pork and willing to work with any employer .

Ira worked in a 2 level house for Vegetarian family and did all house cleaning, cooking, washing car twice a week in Jakarta . In Singapore ,May 2016-Present, she has been working for Chinese employer in a 4 room penthouse , doing all housecleaning, sending kids aged 10 & 14 yr to school, cooking Chinese food ,daily handmopping of whole house. Employer has rated her as a good cook who learns fast.

Ira can cook chinese food, donuts,sandwich and many more.

Available after 10 Oct for interviews ,she can work with no off days .

Married (24)
Ref: Ira Dwi
Upd on 02-Oct-16

Dewi is 23 yr old Single from Indramayu. She has experience working as a housemaid in Jakarta 2014-2015 . She is now on transfer . Dewi is able to speak very simple English , can cook simple Indonesian food, able to take care of kids .

She can work with any employer and is willing to handle pork . Accepts no off days and no mobile. Able to do all housecleaning chores, can cook simple meals , can take care of kids

Single (24)
Ref: DKR 4078
Upd on 01-Oct-16
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