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Mutmainah is 23 yr old ,single from Demak and has completed her Junior High School. She is applying to work as a housemaid , for the first time in Singapore . Mainah can speak simple English and is in training centre now

She has experience looking after kids and is willing to look after kids and mobile elderly. She can work with any employer and is willing to handle pork . Mainah can cook simple Indonesian food like Rendang, Soto, Soup, Vege etc.

2014-2016 Worked in Jakarta as a housemaid ,taking care of kids, doing all chousecleaning chores ,marketing,ironing, washing,ocoking

Able to come in 2 weeks, can work with no off days

Single (23)
Ref: RIM 4606
Upd on 15-Jan-17

Magdalena is 27yr old ,married with 4 kids ,Christian . She has previously worked in Malaysia for 3 years as a housemaid and in Singapore since March 2016 to now. She has taken care of 6 mth old baby in Chinese family til now child is 13th mth old , able to do all housecleaning chores and cooks Indonesian food well .

Now on transfer and available immediately. She has a pleasant personality and is hardworking .Willing to work with any employer .

Wants 1 off day a month

Married (27)
Ref: Magdalena
Upd on 13-Jan-17
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